Johore Bahru

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Jo·hor Ba·ha·ru

 (jə-hôr′ bə-hä′ro͞o) also Jo·hore Bah·ru (bä′ro͞o)
A city of Malaysia on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula opposite Singapore Island. The city is connected with Singapore by a causeway across the narrow Johore Strait.

Johore Bahru

(ˈbɑːruː) or

Johor Bahru

(Placename) a city in S Malaysia, capital of Johore state: important trading centre, situated at the sole crossing point of Johore Strait (between Malaya and Singapore Island). Pop: 719 000 (2005 est)

Johore′ Bah′ru

(ˈbɑ ru)
the capital of Johore state, Malaysia, in the S part. 328,646.
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Huelgas and Chicano have been competing and training in Johore Bahru since June 29 and getting acclimatised should not be a big problem to them.
Contract awarded for Learning journey to visit a range of organic farms in johore bahru for tanjong katong sec sch.
19) MacDonald agreed that this would be better and in late December 1948 Onn held a dinner meeting with Malayan Chinese leaders, including Tan Cheng Lock, at his house in Johore Bahru.
zerumbet (AR 478), and the fruit of Alpinia mutica (AR 457) were collected from Johore Bahru, Malaysia, and their voucher specimens were deposited at the Herbarium of the Department of Biology, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
Stationed at Majeedee Baracks in Johore Bahru and lived in the Birmingham area.
The next morning, to the haunting sound of bagpipes, the last defenders of Malaysia -- the tattered remnants of the proud Argyll battalion -- crossed Johore Bahru, the channel separating Singapore from the mainland.
I WOULD love to hear from old pals who were stationed at 221 Veh BN RAOC, Majeedee Barracks, Johore Bahru, Malaya in 1955-1956, as we are thinking of having a reunion.
Teams were initially trained at the British Jungle Warfare School in Johore Bahru, Malaysia, and later under British advisers at Fort Gordon, Ga.