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(Law) a phrase signifying that the debt, credit, obligation, etc., to which it is applied is held in such a way that the parties in interest are engaged both together and individually thus a joint and several debt is one for which all the debtors may be sued together or either of them individually; used especially in the phrase joint and several liability.
- Journal H. of R., U. S.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Efforts already under way have resulted in a trend away from insurers facing joint and several liability and toward several liability, in which financial responsibility is apportioned according to the blame assigned to each party by judge or jury.
Under joint and several liability, even if a company was deemed only 1% at fault for a plaintiff's injuries, that company could be held fully responsible for massive awards that may have had very little to do with their own wrongdoing.
Recently, the Tax Court ruled that a nonelecting spouse can intervene in support of the other spouse's claim for relief from joint and several liability.
P filed joint returns with her then spouse, M, for tax years 1992-1996.The 1RS issued a determination notice denying her claim for relief from joint and several liability for those years, under Sec.
The doctrine of joint and several liability makes each defendant fully liable for all assessed damages in a case, regardless of the degree of fault.
The prospect of having to pay all damages as a consequence of joint and several liability, the high costs of defense and possible punitive damages are persuasive factors in coercing settlements.
6015 provides relief from joint and several liability to individuals who file joint income tax returns.
As a general proposition, if a joint return is filed by a husband and wife, liability with respect to any tax shown on the return or found to be owing is joint and several. In 1971, Congress enacted Sec.
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