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(Law) a phrase signifying that the debt, credit, obligation, etc., to which it is applied is held in such a way that the parties in interest are engaged both together and individually thus a joint and several debt is one for which all the debtors may be sued together or either of them individually; used especially in the phrase joint and several liability.
- Journal H. of R., U. S.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The comp carrier brought this petition to vacate, arguing that there should have been no reduction because it could not have sued the bus's liability insurer (as the co-worker's insurer), and the principle of joint and several liability applies in loss transfer (i.e., that the car's driver should be liable for 100% of the damages because the bus's driver is immune from collection).
(3) Apportionment of Damages--In cases to which this section applies, the court shall enter judgment against each party liable on the basis of such party's percentage of fault and not on the basis of the doctrine of joint and several liability; provided that with respect to any party whose percentage of fault equals or exceeds that of a particular claimant, the court shall enter judgment with respect to economic damages against that party on the basis of the doctrine of joint and several liability.
The downgrade thus reflects the weakness of the existing guarantee, which is a statutory joint and several liability obligation, but not unconditional and irrevocable in nature.
On the principle of joint and several liability (Article 12), the other stumbling block, the text gives member states more flexibility than what was proposed in the Franco-German compromise.
(8) Consistent with joint and several liability, orphan
In An Empirical Analysis of Cost Recovery in Superfund Cases: Implications for Brownfields and Joint and Several Liability (NBER Working Paper No.
The Court ruled that when the apportionment performed by the lower court is reasonable, joint and several liability should not be imposed on a PRP.
6015 provides procedures for seeking relief from joint and several liability, and is commonly referred to as "innocent spouse relief" Sec.
Prior to the 1998 Restructuring Act, the courts would have held that granting Lora innocent spouse relief could not have affected Isaac's tax liability since he still would be liable for the entire deficiency under the joint and several liability rule.
Business interests, including the American Tort Reform Association, have been pursuing legislation nationwide that would eliminate joint and several liability for negligent defendants.
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