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tr.v. lux·at·ed, lux·at·ing, lux·ates
To put out of joint; dislocate.

[Latin luxāre, luxāt-, from luxus, dislocated.]

lux·a′tion n.
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1. the act of dislocating a bone or putting a joint out of position.
2. the condition of dislocation or being out of joint.
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Noun1.luxation - displacement or misalignment of a joint or organ
shift, displacement - an event in which something is displaced without rotation
subluxation - partial displacement of a joint or organ
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n (Med) → Luxation f (spec), → Verrenkung f (eines Gelenks)
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n. luxación, dislocación.
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The shoulder joint dislocation is frequently observed between the ages of 20-60 years.
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Two of the students have knee joint dislocation while others sustained bruises," said Mr Kimutai.
Anterior shoulder dislocation is the most common joint dislocation that may result in shoulder instability and recurrent dislocations (W&sserstein et al., 2016).
Among major joint dislocations in the entire body, glenohumeral joint dislocation is the most common (1).
New possibilities for the diagnosis of congenital hip joint dislocation by ultrasonography.
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Born weak with pale skin and chronic joint dislocation, I was easy prey for schoolboys since I was an elementary school student," Woo said during an interview at Samsan Muay Thai in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, Monday.
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There was no injury, no bone fracture, or joint dislocation. Probably she died of myocardial infarction [heart attack],' explained PIMS medico-legal officer Dr Irshad.
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