Joint rule

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(Parliamentary Practice) a rule of proceeding adopted by the concurrent action of both branches of a legislative assembly.
- Barclay (Digest).

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It establishes a 39-month transitional period of joint rule ahead of national elections.
Duterte had thrown out peace talks with the rebels after he rejected what he said was a rebel demand for joint rule.
The same news outlet cites party sources as saying that it is almost certain that RDK is going to withdraw all its officeholders from all levels thus ending their joint rule with Zaev.
During the first joint rule of SDSM and BDI, Lika was deputy interior minister and filled this office until the local elections in 2005 when he was elected mayor of Tetovo.
The Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security had earlier published a joint rule prohibiting certain people caught crossing the US Southern border from Mexico between ports of entry from claiming asylum.
Speaking on behalf of UNDP and partners, Maarten Barends, UNDP Chief Technical Advisor and Program Manager of the GOL/UNDP/UNMIL Joint Rule of Law Program said women and girls in Liberia, are frequently exposed to issues of female genital mutilation, economic dependence and persistent nonsupport in the country.
Asked if he envisaged a form of joint rule, he added: "I wouldn't use the term joint rule because that's not used in the Good Friday Agreement."
In these situations, the dictator and his ruling elite commit to joint rule. This was seen in China through the Communist Party's state apparatus and in Burma through the military junta.
The breakdown, after more than a decade of joint rule between unionists and nationalists, has increased fears over the future of the peace process and will further complicate the UK leaving the European Union.
Industry and public interest groups are at odds over the latest proposed joint rule issued by the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and some other agencies.

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