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 (jō′lē-ĕt′, jō′lē-ĕt′)
A city of northeast Illinois southwest of Chicago on the Des Plaines River. It developed as a port and industrial center.


(ˌdʒoʊ liˈɛt; for 1 also -liˈeɪ)

1. Louis, 1645–1700, French-Canadian explorer of the Mississippi.
2. a city in NE Illinois. 74,540.
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Noun1.Joliet - French explorer (with Jacques Marquette) of the upper Mississippi River valley (1645-1700)Joliet - French explorer (with Jacques Marquette) of the upper Mississippi River valley (1645-1700)
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"Why, he can send you to Joliet, if he wants to!" declared the other.
White Division: Fenwick, Joliet Catholic, Marmion, St.
This appeal is New West V in a saga that began in 2005 when Joliet proposed to condemn and raze the Evergreen Terrace apartments as a public nuisance.
Manley joined Sheehan at the news conference at the Joliet hospice.
Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) has announced that its subsidiary Linden Bulk Transportation LLC has recently expanded its bulk transportation footprint in Joliet, Illinois, the company said.
Meanwhile, down in Joliet, Illinois, an entirely different Bates family had been busy for several decades making wire fencing and other products.
Joliet, IL, August 17, 2017 --( Honda of Joliet continued their commitment to charity last week when a silent auction for the highly sought after 2017 Type R brought in big bids from Honda enthusiasts.
Joliet Radiological Service Corp revealed on Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement with McKesson Business Performance Services (McKesson) for comprehensive revenue cycle management services.
"The cousin devised a plan for Jonas Edmonds to carry out an armed attack at the US Army National Guard base in Joliet, Illinois, during which time Hasan Edmonds was a member of the Army National Guard and had been training at the Joliet installation," the statement revealed.
15 May 2015 - US-based energy logistics company Arc Logistics Partners LP (NYSE: ARCX) has completed its acquisition of all of the membership interests of Joliet Bulk, Barge and Rail LLC from CenterPoint Properties Trust through a joint venture arrangement with General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) GE Energy Financial Services unit, the company said
The pipeline will transport crude from a crude-by-rail offloading terminal facility to be built, owned and operated by Joliet Bulk, Barge & Rail LLC in Joliet, Will County, IL to an interconnection with the Mobil Pipe Line Company's Mokena-to-Joliet crude pipeline.