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 (jō′lē-ĕt′, jō′lē-ĕt′)
A city of northeast Illinois southwest of Chicago on the Des Plaines River. It developed as a port and industrial center.


(ˌdʒoʊ liˈɛt; for 1 also -liˈeɪ)

1. Louis, 1645–1700, French-Canadian explorer of the Mississippi.
2. a city in NE Illinois. 74,540.
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Noun1.Joliet - French explorer (with Jacques Marquette) of the upper Mississippi River valley (1645-1700)Joliet - French explorer (with Jacques Marquette) of the upper Mississippi River valley (1645-1700)
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For all I know, this picture may still adorn the parlour of the tumbledown little house somewhere near the Quai de la Joliette, and I suppose it could now be sold for fifteen hundred pounds.
One of the most celebrated is the Festival de Lanaudiere in Joliette, Quebec, which opens its season in early July and runs to early August.
Organized by the National Gallery of Canada, the exhibition will be on display there until April 29, 2018, before travelling to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick; the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton; and the Musee d'art de Joliette in Joliette, Quebec.
This decision involves the divestiture of certain assets in the Portneuf region, a restructuring of Graymont operations at the Joliette plant and a reduction of the number of employees at those sites.
JOLIETTE, Quebec, Safar 27, 1434, Jan 9, 2013, SPA -- A passenger train slammed into a sport utility vehicle in Canada Wednesday, ripping it in two and fatally injuring a woman and child, UPI quoted authorities as saying.
They are: US National--Airgas Safety, Inc., Bristol, PA; North Central US--P&C Industrial Supplies, Dexter, MI; Northeast US--Custodial Partners, Newburyport, MA; Southeast US-Mercury Supply Co., Inc., Nashville TN; Southwest US--JC Paper, Fremont, CA; and Canada--Produits Chimiques Sany, Inc., Joliette, Quebec.
According to Bridgestone, the production cuts will affect facilities in LaVergne and Warren County, Tennessee, Wilson, North Carolina, Aiken County, South Carolina and Joliette, Quebec.
The other dioceses with changed boundaries are the neighbouring dioceses of Amos, Baie-Comeau and Chicoutimi in Quebec as well as Joliette and Trois-Rivieres, also in Quebec; and Moosonee in Ontario.
10) that Gravel had the blessing of his bishop, Gilles Lussier of Joliette, Canada, but Lussier said this was a misunderstanding.