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a.1.Of or pertaining to Jones.
The Jonesian system
a system of transliterating Oriental words by English letters, invented by Sir William Jones.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Sarah Carmen is angry that she was given the wrong date for the court appearance of Michael's attacker Aaron JonesIAN COOPER
Jones explores the decidedly pan-Indian, a shared experience of colonization, while also articulating the local, the specific, the totally Jonesian. The Blackfeet author rallies the biting edge of experimental fiction and horror's capacity for unsettling boundaries between real/unreal, human/nonhuman, possible/impossible to reveal a family narrative that dances to life despite the (un)death and pain witnessed by Junior, despite confronting the meaning and need of sacrifice.
Paul described the group to Rudkowski in unequivocally Jonesian terms, as "very wealthy people, who I think manipulate and use government to their own personal advantage ...
[the] brief Jonesian period of sympathetic and syncretic admiration for India." See also Teltscher 135-138, in which she discusses the potentially subversive and dangerous situation that exists between an Englishwoman and an Indian man, noting how critics have read Sophia's willingness to entertain interracial sexual desire as either subversive or indicative of racial harmony and humanistic tolerance.
The views of Wittkower and Burlington are tempered by Richard Hewlings's more reasonable appraisal of Leoni's Jonesian creativity in his 'James Leoni', p.
Appointing entities should, first and persistently, search and strain to find any alternative, other than a special prosecutor; and even when an alternative is found, go back and try yet another truly Jonesian touch of genius as the fallback, a deus ex machina that nevertheless keeps the crisis in house and in regular channels.
The covers aren't the standout tracks on "Fractions." Dan Jonesian rockers such as "Damned" and "Pretty Mama" seem more credible.
If Ireland resisted simple dichotomies, she appreciated that India represented an ever more complex canvas, embracing oppositions from which she might attempt to draw a Jonesian rather than a proto-Hegelian synthesis.
But the Jonesian model has turned out to be as big a hit with its reps as it is with clients.
Jonesian mysticism reached its largest reading audience through another convert, the greatest liberal preacher of the 20th century, Harry Emerson Fosdick.
(In a wonderful Jonesian moment he falls happily off the wagon, justifying his behavior by claiming that his oath no longer holds, since his doctor, to whom it was made, has just died of the plague.)
Dressed in a curious Vivienne Westwood outfit and with long locks reminiscent of his Hunky Dory days, he opened with the rarely heard Wild Is The Wind, a not so gentle reminder that the old Jonesian larynx has lost none of its range.