Josef von Sternberg

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Noun1.Josef von Sternberg - United States film maker (born in Austria) whose films made Marlene Dietrich an international star (1894-1969)
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At the height of her career, she was mostly in movies directed by Josef von Sternberg, including "The Blue Angel" and "Shanghai Express." He also directed her in "Morocco," the only movie that scored Dietrich an Academy Award nomination.
The actress crossed the Atlantic soon after its premiere, continuing to work with Blue Angel director Josef von Sternberg in a string of memorable Hollywood films, including Morocco, Shanghai Express, and The Devil Is a Woman.
"It's like Marlene Dietrich and Josef Von Sternberg, this classic coupling," said Brett Morgen, the director of Jane.
De Mille, Ernst Lubitsch, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Fritz Lang, Max Ophuls, Douglas Sirk, Raoul Walsh, Jacques Tourneur, Josef von Sternberg, Orson Welles, Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller, and Jerry Lewis; the origins and development of auteur cinephilia and examples of films capturing sublime moments; and the changing nature of Hollywood and the auteur from the late 1970s, with the rise of directors like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
Doorways, gates, windows, and painted screens create vertiginous layers of framing, and the prominence of fluttering curtains and hanging objects invites comparison to the dense mise-en-scene of both Josef von Sternberg and Kenji Mizoguchi.
Nominees included Josef Von Sternberg, Ernst Lubitsch and Greta Garbo, but it was for their work in Hollywood films.
The autocratic Josef von Sternberg had met Marlene Dietrich, then 28, in Germany the previous year when he was looking for a star for his new movie.
Dietrich's success in silent pictures grew until 1929, when she met movie auteur Josef von Sternberg. He cast her in that year's hit film The Blue Angel, an early talking picture.