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Noun1.Joseph's coat - perennial aromatic herb of southeastern Asia having large usually bright-colored or blotched leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowersJoseph's coat - perennial aromatic herb of southeastern Asia having large usually bright-colored or blotched leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers; sometimes placed in genus Solenostemon
coleus, flame nettle - any of various Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus having multicolored decorative leaves and spikes of blue flowers
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So the palmer was persuaded; and Robin put on the old man's hat, which stood full high in the crown; and his cloak, patched with black and blue and red, like Joseph's coat of many colors in its old age; and his breeches, which had been sewed over with so many patterns that the original was scarce discernible; and his tattered hose; and his shoes, cobbled above and below.
The main peculiarity in Holland is that there is no national plan, but rather a patchwork, that resembles Joseph's coat of many colors.
Affectionately known as Joseph's coat, this popular dwarf flowering shrub has a truly amazing combination of three colours on one plant, blending together masses of red, pink and white flowers.
At the Christmas market JJ buys a newsboy cap nearly identical to the one he's wearing while Therese purchases a knitted beret resembling Joseph's Coat on steroids.
"My 'secret' hiding place is the James Turrell Skyspace, Joseph's Coat. When my day becomes overwhelming, I head in there to refresh and recharge.
"I've got a lot to learn - including all the colours in Joseph's coat! But while I'm familiar with the story and the songs everyone knows, there's lots in there.
E Spiraea Shirobana (Joseph's Coat) pounds 6.45 Three different colour flowers, red, pink and white on one bush produced en masse from June to October.
His highlights include stepping into Joseph's coat of many colours while urging Keith Jack, star of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, to support the campaign.
That seemed to cover Noah and Joseph's coat and Moses at the Red Sea and the escape from Egypt and the escape from Babylon and the prophets and Jesus--although with Jesus, the intervention came in a different form.
In school my cardy was like Joseph's coat, dyed brown from white, there were no grants then but I was not neglected.
We are told that, on Reuben's return, the brothers immediately took Joseph's coat, killed a he-goat, and dipped it in the goat's blood (v.31).
Did you know that Joseph's coat wasn't multicolored?