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Noun1.Joseph Heller - United States novelist whose best known work was a black comedy inspired by his experiences in the Air Force during World War II (1923-1999)
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A John Steinbeck B Kingsley Amis C George Orwell D Joseph Heller 9.
"LET'S call it a day" went the song, as Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) flew into the closing credits of this excellent six-part adaptation of Joseph Heller's novel (Catch 22, Channel 4, Thursday).
He's also a huge fan of Joseph Heller's book and was keen to get the tone just right.
Catch-22 C4, 9pm The first of George Clooneydirected episodes features a thrilling aerial sequence, as well as a few major breaks from Joseph Heller's novel.
Catch-22 (Channel 4, 9pm-10pm) Christopher Abbott takes the lead role in this adaptation of Joseph Heller's groundbreaking 1961 novel.
He recently executive-produced, appeared in, and directed several episodes of Hulu's adaptation of Joseph Heller's 'Catch-22'.
CATCH-22 Thursday, Channel 4, 9pm CHRISTOPHER ABBOTT takes the lead role in this adaptation of Joseph Heller's groundbreaking novel.
This big-budget TV adaptation of Joseph Heller's legendary 1961 Second World War novel may well have presented certain viewers with a catch of their own.
Yes, ER star Clooney goes back to his TV roots to executive produce and star in this brilliant adaptation of Joseph Heller's wartime tale.
Catch-22 (Channel 4, 9pm-10pm) Almost 50 years after the movie version of Joseph Heller's novel comes this TV conversion.
Yup, Gorgeous George (looking slightly less gorgeous than his best self, it has to be said) is both starring and executive producing this adaptation of Catch-22, the classic 1961 Second World War novel by Joseph Heller. He plays Lieutenant Scheisskopf (this quite literally and appropriately translates as sh**head in German, linguistics fans) who is a taskmaster obsessed with discipline and shouting at his Sunday military parades.
Catch 22, based on the classic satire penned by Joseph Heller, features a realistic portrayal of the male-dominated US Air Force in World War II.