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Noun1.Joseph Pulitzer - United States newspaper publisher (born in Hungary) who established the Pulitzer prizes (1847-1911)Joseph Pulitzer - United States newspaper publisher (born in Hungary) who established the Pulitzer prizes (1847-1911)
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Paramount Theatre opens its Broadway season with "Newsies," the stage adaptation of the 1992 Disney film about the New York City newsboy strike of 1899 to protest how publishing magnates Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst compensated paper sellers.
Schwendenwein has a Masters Degree from Columbia University's Joseph Pulitzer School of Journalism in New York.
Morgan, Edith Wharton, the Vanderbilts, Andrew Carnegie, and more) became icons, whose comings and goings were breathlessly reported in the papers of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst.
"Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People," Folium Films.
Louis Post-Dispatch," where publisher Joseph Pulitzer redeemed himself from his "yellow journalism" reputation in New York by creating a great newspaper and endowing the Pulitzer Prizes, Sutley said.
(The Charlotte Observer has won five Pulitzers over the years, including editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers in 2014, and has been a finalist several other times.) In 1904, Joseph Pulitzer said, "Our republic and its press will rise or fall together." That truth isn't as obvious to some folks these days.
Threaded through the stories of Pulitzer prizewinners is the history of the man who created the Pulitzer prize, Joseph Pulitzer, who first came to America to fight as a mercenary in the Civil War.
'Newsies' (Globe Iconic Theater, Bonifacio Global City) was arguably the finest musical yet by 9Works Theatrical, the serious theme (turn-of-the-century newsboys striking against press magnate Joseph Pulitzer) made entertaining by joie de vivre, high spirits and sparkling choreography by PJ Rebullida, which wowed capacity crowds for four weekends.
The announcement of this year's awards also coincided with the 170th birthday of its founder, Joseph Pulitzer.
I wonder if original American owner Peter Pulitzer (who also happens to be the grandson of Pulitzer Prize founder Joseph Pulitzer) embarked on his 30-year flurry of property purchasing simply because he couldn't decide which house he'd like to live in most.
They note that most of the explosive growth in newspaper readership can be traced to the sensational oyellow journalismo of nineteenth-century publishers like William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer of the oif it bleeds it leadso school.
It made me appreciate anew Joseph Pulitzer's genius in linking literature and scholarship with journalism.