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Noun1.Joseph Smith - religious leader who founded the Mormon Church in 1830 (1805-1844)Joseph Smith - religious leader who founded the Mormon Church in 1830 (1805-1844)
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Then, emphasising his words with his loud voice and frequent gestures, he related the history of the Mormons from Biblical times: how that, in Israel, a Mormon prophet of the tribe of Joseph published the annals of the new religion, and bequeathed them to his son Mormon; how, many centuries later, a translation of this precious book, which was written in Egyptian, was made by Joseph Smith, junior, a Vermont farmer, who revealed himself as a mystical prophet in 1825; and how, in short, the celestial messenger appeared to him in an illuminated forest, and gave him the annals of the Lord.
Passepartout was now the only person left in the car, and the Elder, looking him full in the face, reminded him that, two years after the assassination of Joseph Smith, the inspired prophet, Brigham Young, his successor, left Nauvoo for the banks of the Great Salt Lake, where, in the midst of that fertile region, directly on the route of the emigrants who crossed Utah on their way to California, the new colony, thanks to the polygamy practised by the Mormons, had flourished beyond expectations.
We are of those who believe in those sacred writings, drawn in Egyptian letters on plates of beaten gold, which were handed unto the holy Joseph Smith at Palmyra.
Brigham Young has said it, and he has spoken with the voice of Joseph Smith, which is the voice of God.
Joseph Smith, the apostle of Mormonism, or to his benighted disciples; I have beheld religious scenes myself in some of our populous towns which can hardly be surpassed by an American camp- meeting; and I am not aware that any instance of superstitious imposture on the one hand, and superstitious credulity on the other, has had its origin in the United States, which we cannot more than parallel by the precedents of Mrs.
Alice Kneeshaw and Joseph Smith both bagged three goals each, with Fagan hitting two and Redpath, Patrick Brown and Czifra one apiece.
Mitchell Mosley, Joseph Harrison, Jake Smith, Connor O'Hare, Matthew Parkes, Conor Mosle, Ross Chattaway, William Stevens, Ethan Channer, Andrew Lynam, Ahmed Mohamed, Joseph Smith and Harry Agnew.
Joseph Smith was the highest-ranking lay employee at the diocese before he resigned in 2004.
Nor does he accept Mormonism's own depiction that Joseph Smith was the unique recipient of a new revelation that trumps all others in its authority.
Friedman-Roth brokers George Niblock and Joseph Smith represented the purchaser, Benchmark Real Estate Group.
In the early 1900s George Joseph Smith drowned several wives in order to gain their insurance money.
Samuel Egerton, who inherited Tatton in 1738, spent several years in Venice, apprenticed to Joseph Smith, an English merchant and picture dealer.