Joseph of Arimathaea

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Jo′seph of Ar•i•ma•thae′a

(ˌær ə məˈθi ə)
a member of the Sanhedrin who placed the body of Jesus in the tomb. Matt. 27:57–60; Mark 15:43.
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As legend has it, St Joseph of Arimathaea, who is said to have donated his own prepared tomb for the burial of Jesus, was one of the merchants to have visited Somerset in search of ore and he travelled down the River Brue the short distance to Glastonbury.
Legend says Joseph of Arimathaea built the first Christian church here and that Arthur and Guinevere are buried in Glastonbury.
In a twelfth-century sermon on Christ's Passion, for example, trom refers to multitudes, the buidne troma |vast numbers' sent by the Jews to find Joseph of Arimathaea.