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A mountain range of southern Norway rising to 2,469 m (8,100 ft).
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They include clothes, weaponry, and even ancient skis, and more than 2,000 relics have been recovered from the Jotunheimen area and the surrounding mountains in Oppland.
But it's still not as deep as the height of the Jotunheimen mountains around us.
But last summer, there she was, trekking across Jotunheimen National Park in Norway with her son, daughter-in-law, two of her grandchildren and two family friends.
The six-day trip begins in the Jotunheimen mountain range and runs out along Sognefjorden, the world's longest fjord, to the islands along the west coast of Norway.
Holocene climatic change and tree-line response in Leirdalen, central Jotunheimen, south central Norway.
Slingsby took his sister Edith, who was also a climber, on a return expedition in 1875, and she recorded her experiences in An English Lady in Jotunheimen.
Chinamen jump with a thump On the Jotunheimen, while the Sierra Morena blushes In the evening, powdering its breasts with could.
This was the Braemar's first visit to the town below Jotunheimen National Park and not only were the flags out, but also local schoolchildren and a band to welcome us ashore and on to our buses for the trip to the Nigardsbreen glacier.
Her discovery of Snowdonia some 12 years ago, led her to focus much of her work on mountain painting and particularly on portraying the mountains and glaciers of Norway's Lofoten Islands and Jotunheimen National Park.
Some such fast-forming patterns grace terrain once covered by glaciers near Jotunheimen, Norway.