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v. t.1.See Jowl.
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In Friday's ECHO, I felt privileged to be able to bring you the story of 14-year-old Roj Al Joul Bek, who attends The Academy of St Francis of Assisi in Kensington.
Daniel Joul, lawyer, acknowledges the roles culture plays in societies.
Some bemoaned the lack of familiar features - for Rosalyn Joul it was buses, while David Lewis wondered where the newspaper man selling the city final was.
The head of the directorate, Yaslam Abo Set, praised the ERC's projects in Ahwar in education, health and humanitarian sectors, including the pre-Ramadan assistance which was provided to families in the poverty-stricken areas of Al Mahsama, Hosn Mohammad and Joul Al Shuweihria.
The army's support to Egypt during the tripartiteaggression in 1956 was also screened, as martyr Joul Jammal bombed the French Jeanne d'Arcbattleship near the Alexandria shores.
--Energy: is the energy consumed during the execution of a clock cycle (in units of energy "joul, mj, ect")
All sensor nodes have the same initial energy 1 Joul. Both WSN-1 and WSN-2 use the first order radio communication model that is largely used in the evaluation of routing protocols in WSNs.
Laser energy (Joul) 0.5 0.6 0.7 Fluence 63.69# 76.43# 89.17# (J/[cm.sup.2]) Power density 6.36# 7.64# 8.91# (GW/[cm.sup.2]) Laser energy (Joul) 0.8 0.9 1 Fluence 101.9# 114.6# 127.3# (J/[cm.sup.2]) Power density 10.19# 11.46# 12.73# (GW/[cm.sup.2]) # Bold TABLE 2: Composition of aluminum alloy specimens.
The sole goal of the match came from Abdul Samad Abdulrehman Joul. This was Al Sadd's second successive loss in the tournament.
Construction of a residential building in Kafr El Sheikh City, on Joul Jamal St., Opposite the Islamic Studies Faculty, comprising 561 housing units.