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 (joust, jŭst, jo͞ost) also just (jŭst)
a. A combat between two mounted knights or men-at-arms using lances; a tilting match.
b. jousts A series of tilting matches; a tournament.
2. A personal competition or combat suggestive of combat with lances: a politician who relishes a joust with reporters.
intr.v. joust·ed, joust·ing, jousts also just·ed or just·ing or justs
1. To engage in mounted combat with lances; tilt.
2. To engage in a personal combat or competition.

[Middle English, from Old French juste, from juster, to joust, from Vulgar Latin *iūxtāre, to be next to, from Latin iūxtā, close by; see yeug- in Indo-European roots.]

joust′er n.
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1. (Historical Terms) history
a. the action or sport of fighting on horseback using a lance
b. (as modifier): medieval jousting tournaments.
2. (Historical Terms) (as modifier): medieval jousting tournaments.
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nTurnier (→ kämpfe pl) nt; (fig)Rangeleien pl
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His personal favourites: Amatchstick model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (very old - 1932 halfpennies inlaid) A jousting lance made from scrap (a homage to the movie: The Castle) A Zulu shield (3/4 size tourist souvenir from Africa) Alex's is the one of the fullest sheds I have ever seen.
Forgeng holds a full-sized jousting lance and a partial lance with a Wii-like control mounted on it.
Her ambition is to become a knight in shining armour, with trusty steed and jousting lance.
She was helmeted, but with hair blowing free, and she carried a jousting lance in one hand and the Medusa shield in the other.
He described the barrier that killed Mr Farr as being like a medieval 'jousting lance'.
Children can try on armour, hone their skills with a sword and jousting lance, and take part in a mock battle in defence of the realm.
Reporter Sam Webb relishes the hand-to-hand conflict and, on horse-back, takes delivery of his jousting lance (below).