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also ju·jut·su or jiu·jit·su or jiu·jut·su  (jo͞o-jĭt′so͞o)
An art of weaponless self-defense developed in Japan that uses throws, holds, and blows and derives added power from the attacker's own weight and strength.

[Japanese jūjutsu : , soft; see judo + jutsu, technique (from Early Middle Chinese ʑwit).]
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Noun1.jujutsu - a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japanjujutsu - a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japan; holds and blows are supplemented by clever use of the attacker's own weight and strength
martial art - any of several Oriental arts of weaponless self-defense; usually practiced as a sport; "he had a black belt in the martial arts"
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building


[dʒuːˈdʒɪtsʊ] Njiu-jitsu m
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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's Ju Jitsu team outclassed its rivals in men and mixed duo show during the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
Men's Ne-Waza weight categories include -56kg, -62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, +94kg and Open Weight, while four contests will be featured in the Full Contact Ju Jitsu (-62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg).
martial arts Ju Jitsu Club For those looking to undertake a more physical hobby, Ju Jitsu classes run every Thursday at Billingham Forum.
ISLAMABAD -- Despite winning nine medals in the Asian Beach Games, the Pakistan Ju Jitsu team has not been awarded with any cash reward by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) or the Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC).
Kemp, 58, claimed PS35,000 in disability benefit despite working as a black belt martial arts instructor teaching Ju Jitsu.
TONY Bebbington has been teaching traditional ju jitsu since 1997.
But the black belt says the art of succeeding in the ancient sport of Ju Jitsu is nailing self-discipline and avoiding conflict altogether.
Jodie Ounsley, 11, took home the top prize at the British Open Brazilian Ju Jitsu Championships - the most prestigious competition in the country.
Specialties: Kick boxing aerobics, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon do, Submission wrestling, Ju Jitsu, and Vale Tudo MMA.
Ju Jitsu, karate classes, and family support meetings are just a few of the initiatives being run at the Hay Mills and Yardley Community Centre, in Holder Road.
Martin Crowson, 53, netted more than pounds 17,000 in social security payments, claiming he was too injured to work while also training as a black belt in ju jitsu, Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court heard.
The Atherstone ironman king beat the previous title holder by 10 rounds to claim a new World Kumite Karate Ju Jitsu Boxing Title record.