Juan Fernández

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Juan Fer•nán•dez

(ˈwɑn fərˈnæn dɪz, ˈʰwɑn)
a group of three islands in the S Pacific, 400 mi. (645 km) W of and belonging to Chile: Alexander Selkirk, the alleged prototype of Robinson Crusoe, marooned here 1704.
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One of three islands in the Juan Fernandez archipelago, 700 kilometers (430 miles) off the Pacific coast of Chile, it was discovered in the sixteenth century.
The polychaete fauna of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago (JFA) has been understudied with only few investigations.
Project details :The project expects to operate national frameworks and institutional capacities to control the introduction and spread of invasive alien species in Chile, through trade, travel and transportation, through the implementation of a pilot project monitoring and measures control in an environment of high biodiversity threatened by these species such as the Juan Fernandez Archipelago.
A series of tethering experiments were performed in three coastal sites of Robinson Crusoe Island (Juan Fernandez archipelago, Chile).
Comments: This species is restricted to the insular portion of Chile in Juan Fernandez Archipelago.
The present study was carried out in Chilean Robinson Crusoe Island, which is part of Juan Fernandez Archipelago, located 677 kilometers from central continental Chile (Fig.
The accident occurred Friday over the Juan Fernandez archipelago, about 700 kilometres from the mainland.
President Michelle Bachelet said a huge wave also hit Chile's remote Robinson Crusoe Island - part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago - and that aid ships had been sent there.
Two ships carrying aid were dispatched to Robinson Crusoe Island, part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, which has already been hit by huge waves.
One of these habitats is part of the Juan Fernandez archipelago, and specifically the chain of seamounts stretching to the west of these islands on the Nazca tectonic plate.
Carex and Uncinia (Cyperaceae, Cariceae) from the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile.