Juan Ramon Jimenez

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Noun1.Juan Ramon Jimenez - Spanish lyric poet (1881-1958)
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He has directed the Juan Ramon Jimenez Nobel Literature Prize Foundation since its creation in 1995.
Flitter gives an account of the transformation of Platonic symbols in Juan Ramon Jimenez's 'El nombre conseguido de los nombres'.
While Neira organizes his study diachronically, carefully tracing, for starters, certain early twentieth-century motions in this migration from Paris to New York to the influence of two major Latin American poets, Jose Marti and Ruben Dario, on Juan Ramon Jimenez and Federico Garcia Lorca, the monograph is also internally (but less overtly) structured around a series of perspectives and themes which contemporary Spanish poets concerned with New York have revisited time and again with a kind of unrelenting dependability over more or less a hundred years.
La presenta como "la mujer mas progresista de su tiempo." (Baste recordar el retrato que le hace Juan Ramon Jimenez en 1930 - "una nube fogueante, silenciosa chamarrasca ...
The author presents how Antonio Machado and Juan Ramon Jimenez have described Huelva, and afterward he presents examples of his own fiction.