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n.1.One who believes and practices Judaism.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Although the Kaifeng Jews have long been Sinicized, the increasing consciousness of the descendants of their Jewish identity has awakened some to pursue the Judaist faith and way of life with new fervor.
The first Judaist studies in former Yugoslavia were launched in the Philosophy School of Zagreb University in 2012.
Furthermore, participants were drawn from a population where Christianity dominates and therefore, it is possible that different results would be found in Muslim, Hindu, or Judaist samples.
Bishop Francis David--who even refuted the role of Jesus as intercessor between the believers and God the Father--was indicted and tried as an innovator and a Judaist. Even if the restoration of the Catholic faith intended by Prince Stephen Bathory never actually materialized, his notable attempt led to some temporary successes, such as the founding of Cluj University (45), the creation of the circumstances needed for the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy (the episcopate of Napragyi Demeter, between 1598 and 1601), and the consolidation of Catholicism in some Szekler seats.
While denouncing the savagery perpetrated by Hamas and other groups in the form of hurling projectiles at civilian target inside Israeli territory, one cannot but criticize the ruling elites in Israel simultaneously for digressing from the true Judaist ethos that cannot be correlated with trumpeting militarism in any way.
Because the subject of the myth evolved in less than a century from a Judaist Messiah to a pagan dying/resurrecting savior deity, Yeshu extends beyond the life and execution of Yahuwshua ("Yeshu" is an intimate diminutive) to cover developments in the communities that believed him to be the Messiah over the decades until the publication of the Gospel of John, which promoted Yeshu to godhood.
Here, psychotherapy can, and is capable of, drawing on millennia of historical experiences, which our Greek, Judaist or Christian, traditions created.
Although the guest curator and museum bookshop has put much emphasis on artists' interest for other world religions, only a few works on show clearly reflect a connection to other world religions: Marc Chagall's Rabbi with Torah Scroll, c1930, has an outspoken Judaist subject, whilst Buddhist imagery is used in Rob Birza's Wink, 1990, and Nam June Paik's TV-Buddha, 1974).
However, the reason why many contemporary feminists (academics, activists and others) avoid biblical literature actually runs deeper than the current political Christian and Judaist (as well as Islamic) conservatisms.
Olympics "an invention of Jews and Freemasons" and a "Judaist theatre".