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v. Ju·da·ized, Ju·da·iz·ing, Ju·da·iz·es
To bring into conformity with Judaism.
To adopt Jewish customs and beliefs.

Ju′da·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
Ju′da·i′zer n.


[ˈdʒuːdeɪˌaɪzəʳ] Njudaizante mf
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He wasn't a Jew, but now he's a Jew, or a half-Jew, or a descendant of Jews, or a Judaizer, or a member of the nation--it doesn't matter: What is certain is that now there is something Jewish about him, nothing to do with circumcision, something else, ...
The Galatians have been so changeable because of Judaizer agitators, against whom Paul had pronounced anathema (1: 8-9), so now, in the epilogue, he wishes upon them peace and mercy, if they follow the rule of the gospel.
We will begin the analysis in the Relations second scene, set in the Inquisitorial prison in Cartagena de Indias where Montezinos is held after his arrest under suspicion of being a Judaizer.
When Christians see a Christian loving the world too much, they call him a Jew or a Judaizer. The same is true in Islam.
Williams translates into English, annotates, and transcribes a little-known text pertaining to a well-known Judaizer, Maria Francisca Ana de Castro (1687-1736), who was prosecuted by the Peruvian Inquisition for a decade.
Was she a scheming courtesan and secret Judaizer or the victim of envious rivals, caught in the middle of a power struggle that pitted the inquisitors against the viceroy?
Olmert presented himself as the Judaizer of Jerusalem and as a fearless national fighter.
His wife had obviously assumed the role of judaizer since in rabbinic law it was held that Jewishness was transmitted through the mother.
For example, Ibanez declared that his parents had introduced him to normative Judaism by sending him to a reading tutor who was a Judaizer yet lived in a Frenchman's house, and also via "books in French," in addition to works written in Castilian (fol.
He compared the controversy to an ancient Israelite holy war and then stated: "to every twentieth-century Judaizer now seeking to realign our convention and to purge our institutions, I say without apology, restraint, or hesitation: We shall not submit again to slavery's yoke." (32) Honeycutt blatantly rejected the idea that professors in Southern Baptist institutions should conform to any theological position: Unity does not mean uniformity, because you can't limit God.
11 The New Christian is slurred as a Judaizer and sullied with the name of the Jewish Sabbath.