Judas Maccabaeus

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Judas Maccabaeus

(Biography) Jewish leader, whose revolt (166–161 bc) against the Seleucid kingdom of Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) enabled him to recapture Jerusalem and rededicate the Temple


(ˌmæk əˈbi əs)

Judas or Judah ( “the Hammer” ), died 160 b.c., Judean patriot.
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Noun1.Judas Maccabaeus - Jewish leader of a revolt in Judea that recovered Jerusalem around 166 BCJudas Maccabaeus - Jewish leader of a revolt in Judea that recovered Jerusalem around 166 BC; hero of the Apocryphal books I Maccabees and II Maccabees (?-161 BC)
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The choicest tapestries which the looms of Arras could furnish draped the walls, whereon the battles of Judas Maccabaeus were set forth, with the Jewish warriors in plate of proof, with crest and lance and banderole, as the naive artists of the day were wont to depict them.
Kate Woolveridge: Mezzo Soprano in the opening concert - Handel's "Judas Maccabaeus"
The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah commemorates Judas Maccabaeus, who successfully fought for freedom.
They are equally poignant and lyrical in "To Thee, Thou Glorious Son of Worth" also from Theodora, and commanding in the double-dotted rhythms of "FromThis Dread Scene" from Judas Maccabaeus.
Gewalt--Bedrohung--Krieg: Georg Friedrich Handels Judas Maccabaeus, edited by Dominik Hoink and Jurgen Heidrich.
The later essays (1992-2001), by Burrows and Hicks, focus on individual works from the final years of Handel's composing career: Hercules, Balshazzar, Judas Maccabaeus, Alexander Balus, Joshua, Susanna, Solomon, Theodora, and Jephtha.
For example, one of the most beautiful and moving moments in this Judas Maccabaeus was in the air and chorus "Ah!
Handel's Judas Maccabaeus, performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and star soloists, glorifies the Duke of Cumberland's victory in 1746 in which 2000 Jacobites died.
Handel's oratorio Judas Maccabaeus premiered at Covent Garden in 1747, the year after the last major land battle fought on British soil.
Some slaves, nevertheless, identified with Judas Maccabaeus and with Moses.
George Frederic Handel's oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus" will be the concert's featured centerpiece.