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See Jidda.
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Noun1.Jeddah - port city in western Saudi Arabia on the Red SeaJeddah - port city in western Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea; near Mecca
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia - an absolute monarchy occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia; vast oil reserves dominate the economy
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He was a lab assistant who would once take a blood sample from the Lion of Juddah, the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Salassie while stationed in the former Abyssinia.
In retrospect, he was, perhaps, a model of restraint, for, modern transliterations of that famous city's name in various romanized spellings have included Jaddah, Jedda, Jeddah, Jidda, Jiddah, Judda, Juddah, Jadda, Djiddah, Dijuddah, Djouddah, Gedda, Dsjiddah, Djettah and Dscheddah -- to mention only some -- and all seem acceptable