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Relating to or derived from both the Jewish and Christian religions: Judeo-Christian principles.


(dʒuˈdeɪ oʊˈkrɪs tʃən, -ˈdi-)

of or pertaining to the religious writings, beliefs, values, or traditions held in common by Judaism and Christianity.
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Adj.1.Judeo-Christian - being historically related to both Judaism and Christianity; "the Judeo-Christian tradition"
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During his presidential campaign, Trump had told Fox News "We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values.
Grousing about a phantom "war on Christmas", he later added: "We are stopping all our attacks on Judeo-Christian values.
Is it really worth it to let Trump crumple up and throw away the very Judeo-Christian values on which our country was built in order to pass an unpopular, unproved tax plan?
I don't think we should be promoting Judeo-Christian values in the Arab world," Graham, told Real Clear Politics.
Their entire family is focused on pulling this country back from the brink, from the relentless assault we've seen on constitutional liberties and Judeo-Christian values.
In too many cases, he said, the Judeo-Christian values and the humanist ideals that inspired the continental drive toward unity seem to have been replaced by "the bureaucratic technicalities of its institutions.
Bianca Eunice Castillo Villanueva pays close attention to "Una relacion perfecta," by Ana Clavel, and highlights its connections to post-modernity, while Alejandra Partida Vazquez examines how three micro-texts by Oscar de la Borbolla challenge Judeo-Christian values and beliefs.
Constitution, national sovereignty, individual liberty, God-given rights, Judeo-Christian values, and Western traditions.
The host Laurie Cardoza-Moore sheds light on America and Israel s shared Judeo-Christian values and relationship in this episode of Focus on Israel.
Arumugam worked with Percival from 1841 - 1848 during which time he formulated his ideas as to what it meant to be a modern Hindu, specifically a Saiva under the influence of a progressive, secular and ascendant Western culture based on Judeo-Christian values.
Anatomy of a School Shooting," chapter five, takes the reader through the "good" child from the "troubled" community to the "good" school in a bad area, to policing of schools, to the call to return to Judeo-Christian values and practices, to single mothers, fatherlessness, and broken homes, to mentoring and role modelling, to counteracting the underachievement of boys, and finally to the politics of Afrocentric schooling from idea to realization.
This is because their choice of what and how to intervene doesn't match their own Judeo-Christian values.