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(Judaism) another name for Ladino
[from Ladino: Jewish]


(dʒuˈdɛz moʊ)

a language based on Old Spanish and written in Hebrew script, spoken by descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in the 15th century.
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The Judeo-Spanish (Judezmo, Ladino) became the common language among them.
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El sefardi o sefardita, el ladino o judezmo, nombres para la lengua atesorada, es el alojo que ha elegido el poeta, no solamente en este libro, no solamente para el mundo de la poesia sino como una etica del vivir y del pensar.
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Is it Ladino, Judeo-Spanish, Judezmo, Djudio or Djidio, Spanyolit, Judeo-Ibero-Romance, or Oriental Spanish?
In 1997 she became a research assistant in the project A Lexicon of Turkish Elements in Modern Ottoman Judezmo, directed by Prof.
Other terms utilized to describe this language include Judeo-Spanish, Judezmo, and Spaniolit.