court of common pleas

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court of common pleas

n. pl. courts of common pleas
1. A court in some states of the United States having general jurisdiction.
2. A court in Great Britain that formerly heard commoners' civil cases.

Court of Common Pleas

1. (Law) English law (formerly) a superior court exercising jurisdiction in civil actions between private citizens
2. (Law) law US (in some states) a court exercising original and general jurisdiction

court′ of com′mon pleas′

1. (formerly in England) a court to hear civil cases between common citizens.
2. (in some U.S. states) a court with general civil jurisdiction.
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The original likeness of Sir Edward Lutwyche, Judge of Common Pleas and Chief Justice of Chester is still there.
5 Respectively, William Fairfax, a judge of Common Pleas, and George Manners, whom Margoliouth identifies as "a distinguished soldier who died at the siege of Tournay in 1513" (Marvell, 1971, 1:283, note to line 232).
Among early distinguished residents were several Lord Mayors, a Lord Chief Justice, a Judge of Common Pleas, a governor of Highgate School and a number of well-heeled merchants.