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Noun1.Juglans - type genus of the JuglandaceaeJuglans - type genus of the Juglandaceae  
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Juglandaceae, Juglandaceae, walnut family - trees having usually edible nuts: butternuts; walnuts; hickories; pecans
walnut tree, walnut - any of various trees of the genus Juglans
California black walnut, Juglans californica - medium-sized tree with somewhat aromatic compound leaves and edible nuts
butternut, butternut tree, Juglans cinerea, white walnut - North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye
black walnut, black walnut tree, Juglans nigra, black hickory - North American walnut tree with hard dark wood and edible nut
Circassian walnut, English walnut, English walnut tree, Juglans regia, Persian walnut - Eurasian walnut valued for its large edible nut and its hard richly figured wood; widely cultivated
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Juglans nigra (literally black walnut) of eastern North America is considered easier to checker and inlet than Claro, though not as easy as European walnut.
However, continued monitoring is warranted, especially given emerging forest health problems in other parks, including those with other Juglans species.
a new phytopathogenic species living in symbiosis with the walnut twig beetle (Pityophthorus juglandis) on Juglans in USA.
Acacia gerardii, Ficus cordata [Figure 6], Euphorbia larica, and Ocimum basillicum, are used for bites, boils, and burns, and Juglans cinerea (walnut) for skin infections and eczema.
sinuata 59 3 12 5 16 8 Fraxinus 44 2 6 2 0 0 texensis Juglans major 26 1 7 3 14 7 Foraging (b) Juniperus ashei 156 29 82 35 29 45 Q.
Acer negundo, Popuius deltoides, Acer succharinum, Platanus occidentalis, Juglans nigra, Aescuius glabra, Celtis occidentalis, and Ulmus americana.
10 67 Trifolium sp 3 10 2 100 Vicia sp JUGLANDACEAE Juglans neotropica 7 47 Diels * LAMIACEAE Leonotis nepetifolia 8 53 (L.
La lista floristica que hemos obtenido esta compuesta por un total de 12 taxones que presentan diferentes grados de determinacion: Juglans regia--nogal--, Juniperus sp.
Acetylcholine esterase inhibitory potential and antioxidant activity of various extracts of Leucas cephalotes and Juglans regia L.
Tree species present include but are not limited to Quercus, Juglans, Pinus, Umbellularia, and Sequoia.