Julio Iglesias

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Noun1.Julio Iglesias - Spanish singer noted for his ballads and love songs (born in 1943)
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He also admitted that being the son of Julio Iglesias didn't help his prospects.
JULIO Iglesias's birthday is on September 23, not March 16, when he will be 64 and not 63 (Page 49, March 16).
Page 3THE father of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias is to become a dad again - at the age of 90.
WOMANISING crooner Julio Iglesias, who once claimed he had bedded more than 1,000 women, has become a dad for the fifth time.
Jerusalem , September 10 (ANI): Spanish balladeer Julio Iglesias recently gave his first performance in Israel since 1998.
Knowing that Julio Iglesias was in the room next door, and not wanting to be responsible for a charred superstar, I summoned help.
Legendary Latin heart-throb Julio Iglesias' dad is a bit of a lad as well.
JULIO Iglesias is to be a dad for the eighth time - at 63.