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A device used in ascending a fixed rope, having a springloaded cam that grips the rope when weight is applied but allows free movement upwards when the load is lifted.

[Formerly a trademark.]

ju′mar v.


(Mountaineering) Also called: jumar clamp a clamp with a handle that can move freely up a rope on which it is clipped but locks when downward pressure is applied
vb (intr)
(Mountaineering) to climb up a fixed rope using jumars
[C20: Swiss name]


Past participle: jumared
Gerund: jumaring

I jumar
you jumar
he/she/it jumars
we jumar
you jumar
they jumar
I jumared
you jumared
he/she/it jumared
we jumared
you jumared
they jumared
Present Continuous
I am jumaring
you are jumaring
he/she/it is jumaring
we are jumaring
you are jumaring
they are jumaring
Present Perfect
I have jumared
you have jumared
he/she/it has jumared
we have jumared
you have jumared
they have jumared
Past Continuous
I was jumaring
you were jumaring
he/she/it was jumaring
we were jumaring
you were jumaring
they were jumaring
Past Perfect
I had jumared
you had jumared
he/she/it had jumared
we had jumared
you had jumared
they had jumared
I will jumar
you will jumar
he/she/it will jumar
we will jumar
you will jumar
they will jumar
Future Perfect
I will have jumared
you will have jumared
he/she/it will have jumared
we will have jumared
you will have jumared
they will have jumared
Future Continuous
I will be jumaring
you will be jumaring
he/she/it will be jumaring
we will be jumaring
you will be jumaring
they will be jumaring
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been jumaring
you have been jumaring
he/she/it has been jumaring
we have been jumaring
you have been jumaring
they have been jumaring
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been jumaring
you will have been jumaring
he/she/it will have been jumaring
we will have been jumaring
you will have been jumaring
they will have been jumaring
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been jumaring
you had been jumaring
he/she/it had been jumaring
we had been jumaring
you had been jumaring
they had been jumaring
I would jumar
you would jumar
he/she/it would jumar
we would jumar
you would jumar
they would jumar
Past Conditional
I would have jumared
you would have jumared
he/she/it would have jumared
we would have jumared
you would have jumared
they would have jumared
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