jump up

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w>jump up

vihochspringen; (from sitting or lying position also) → aufspringen; (onto sth) → hinaufspringen (→ onto auf +acc)
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This push-pull combination is one of her favorites: stand next to a pull-up/chin-up bar; jump up on the bar and do a pull-up; jump down to the floor; lower into a push-up position and do a push-up.
Jump up and use the upward momentum from the jump to pull yourself up until your chin touches the bar.
(She next plays Kate Capshaw's best pal in The Love Letter, due out in May.) In a particularly bittersweet moment in EDtv, DeGeneres wistfully watches some kids jump up and down excitedly in front of a minimart security camera Sure, it's tantalizing to capture the media's eye, she seems to be saying, but at what cost?