jumper cables

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Each model includes jumper cables that can be attached to the terminals of a dead battery.
com)-- Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, promotes Nicomatic's CrimpFlex and Jumper Cables.
This chargeable power source is strong enough to jump start a car - in fact it even comes with jumper cables.
To jump-start a vehicle, the Element includes a battery clamp adapter (essentially jumper cables that plug into the portable battery) and a 400-amp energy output.
JUMPER CABLES This is the most useful tool if you're stuck with a flat battery and need to jumpstart the engine using another cars battery.
1 And 2 For Use As Jumper Cables For Inter Coach Coupler Connections On Emus.
RAY: After spending six figures on a car, it certainly is undignified to be standing around with the hood up, holding a set of jumper cables when you get back from your three-week glamping trip to Botswana.
7/16 DIN male straight to 7/16 DIN male straight jumper cables
Amphenol also maintains full-service cable assembly facilities to design and fabricate any type of fiber optic cable harness from simple jumper cables to multi-branched harnesses.
It was a crime so gruesome that the chosen jurors would wipe away tears while viewing the evidence photos of state worker Jeanne Bickner tied to a tree with jumper cables and burned to death.
Station crew members installed a series of jumper cables, bypassing the sensor, and the Poisk module hooks retracted.
Jumper cables aren't any good without someone to do the jumping.