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(Portuguese ʒundiaˈi)
(Placename) an industrial city in SE Brazil, in São Paulo state. Pop: 332 000 (2005 est)


(ˈʒʊn dyɑˈi)

a city in SE Brazil, NW of São Paulo. 221,888.
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The GSG Diffuser Style Bare Shaft Pump will be designed, engineered, and manufactured in Jundiai, Brazil, and finally packaged and tested in Portland, US.
In 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Champion of the Torneio CrossFit Brasil was Francisco Javier, known as Chiquinho, who represents the gym (training center) of CrossFit Jundiai.
The company has spent $2 million to build the 23,680-square-foot plant in the city of Jundiai, in the state of So Paulo.
Toyo Ink Brasil broke ground on the Jundiai site in 2013 and began operations there this year.
2] sao de area urbana, sem contar o complexo metropolitano expandido, que abarca cidades proximas como Campinas, Baixada Santista, Vale do Paraiba, Sorocaba e Jundiai, totalizando 19 milhoes de habitantes.
The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the School of Physical Education of Jundiai (ESEF).
This area consists of semideciduous, mesophytic forest located in the municipalities of Jundiai and Cabreuva, in Sao Paulo, Southeastern Brazil.
JUNDIAI, BRAZIL * Pope Francis' visit to Aparecida, Brazil, July 24 had a special meaning for the Brunholi family, who were surprised to be asked to supply 80 bottles of red wine for the pope's Mass.
BRAZIL: The Lindal Group, a leading aerosol packaging technology firm, has opened its Itupeva, Sao Paulo, Brazil facility, a site that is more than twice the size of its Jundiai area plant and positions the company for accelerated regional growth, according to Moacir Camargo, Lindal Brazil's managing director.
O acucar, como ja comprovado por estudo classico e outro mais recente vinha do chamado quadrilatero do acucar, de municipios serra acima, como Sorocaba, Itu, Porto Feliz, Piracicaba, Mojimirim, Jundiai e Campinas.
The diversified company's existing plant in Jundiai produces structural adhesives and high performance coatings, targeted at the automotive and industrial sectors, among other products.
In contrast, in a study conducted in Jundiai, Sao Paulo State , Brazil (Cwa climate, mesothermal with dry winter, commonly named altitude tropical, according to Koppen classification), Martins and Pedro Junior (1999) recorded yields of 1,720 kg [ha.