June bug

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June bug

June bug


June beetle

(Animals) any of various large brown North American scarabaeid beetles that are common in late spring and early summer, esp any of the genus Polyphylla. Also called: May beetle or May bug

June′ bug`

or June′bug`,

any of several large brown beetles of the genus Phyllophaga, of the scarab family, appearing in late spring and early summer.
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Noun1.June bug - any of various large usually brown North American leaf-eating beetles common in late springJune bug - any of various large usually brown North American leaf-eating beetles common in late spring; the larvae feed on roots of grasses etc.
scarabaean, scarabaeid, scarabaeid beetle - any of numerous species of stout-bodied beetles having heads with horny spikes
figeater, green June beetle - large greenish June beetle of southern United States
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It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise.
In Maine, a 13-year old "sato" feral dog named "June Bug" found a new home while in the San Francisco Bay Area "Holly" was adopted by a couple.
The guy everybody knew was impulsive, violent and drawn to weapons like a June bug to a porch light.
When The Learning Tree came out, Life ran an excerpt with a series of photographs, including Boy with June Bug, Fort Scott Canvas, from 1963.
Drunken Dunkan Sparkly Deathtrap The World Keeps The Maitlands The Pencil Necks Sleep Tape Volume 11 Furr U-matic Chris Taylor Art Neilsen Fie Fie Fie Instant Species Toby Burton Post Culture Red Light Effect June Bug Max Lilleyman Persian Rug Sale Prime Kicking Jenny Smoking Luck Chanda Cartel Flux Palantir Lisa helping Oxjam The festival venues: The Parish on Kirkgate.
(http://www.instyle.com/beauty/kylie-cosmetics-vacation-edit-collection) InStyle reported Sunday that "Vacation Edition" included three Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters, a fuchsia Matte Lip Kit named June Bug, an eyeshadow palette, a Nudes Lip Set, two Super Glitter Gloss lip kits, a dry powder quad as well as a bronzer and highlighter palette.
Caught both fish with rubber worms--6 inch Senko June bug and a 6 inch watermelon with a purple flake.
Flavours include woo woo, june bug, Amaretto sours, mojito and lazy cosmo.
John: Dollar General should jump on this like a duck on a June bug.
Elsewhere, June Bug are at The Bluebell in Conwy, Signs of Fire at Rewind in Wrexham, and Billy Bibby, Luke Gallagher and punk-pop songwriter Martyn Ellis are all at The North in Rhyl.
Nicola's dog June Bug gets into so much trouble she might be sent away.
owl feathers speared into the grass, June bug wreckage,