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June 19, an African-American holiday commemorating the date in 1865 when many slaves in Texas learned they had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863).


an annual celebration in the United States on June 19 to mark the emancipation of slaves after the American Civil War


June 19, celebrated by African-Americans as the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in Texas on June 19, 1865.
[1935–40; b. june + nineteenth]
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For more information, call 405-951-0000.<br />Director of Honey is Katherine Wilkinson and core collaborators and writers are Morgaine Gooding Silverwood, Emma McFarland, Chelcy Harrell and Wilkinson.<br />Tickets are $25, with discounts for seniors, students and veterans.<br />Celebrate Juneteenth event<br />The Oklahoma Historical Society will host a Juneteenth Celebration on June 30 at 2 p.m.
It's encouraging to have young supporters!" The branch also had a table at a local Juneteenth Celebration in East Palo Alto, which commemorates the Emancipation Proclamation, and includes a big "street fair." Judy ended her report by saying, "We do not have a racially diverse branch and the PPC has given us an important opportunity to change that."
Juneteenth Celebration Enjoy history, art, food and music.
Prominent Downtown artist, Brooklyn native and resident, Michael Anthony Pegues, recently named the "Black Andy Warhol" by the Seeds Society, accepted the festival committee's invitation last week to join this year's ArtWalk for the 2014 Fort Greene Brooklyn Juneteenth Celebration. The Fort Greene Brooklyn Juneteenth committee reached out to Mr.
In yet another example of the growing practice of newspaper Web sites to seek information, video and photos from readers, the paper has posted a request asking for witnesses to come forward with information or visual images of the crime that occurred Tuesday night during the city's Juneteenth Celebration.
So that was it, the night of Juneteenth celebration, his mind went on.
Hester, 30, chiropractor practicing in Ogden, Utah; counsels patients and physicians in nutritional seminars; offers free spinal screenings during Juneteenth Celebration and Kids Day America.
Years later, when a woman claiming to be his mother surfaces during a Juneteenth celebration of slave emancipation, Bliss becomes a hate-filled politician who uses race-baiting to win a U.S.
Historical background, plus tips on how to organize your own Juneteenth celebration. $15.99 plus $2.75 s&h, plus tax.
American Family participates annually in events such as Black Expo, the Juneteenth Celebration, African World Festival, Gospel Music Festival, Black Achievers Program, Black Excellence Program, and many more.
Upper Marlboro, MD, May 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Marion Woodfork Simmons, family historian, author and owner of Woodfork Genealogy LLC, will be presenting a workshop titled “Taking an Active Role in Preserving Local History” at the Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation Juneteenth Celebration in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.