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(Law) the plural of jus1


1. (Placename) a department of E France, in Franche-Comté region. Capital: Lons-le-Saunier. Pop: 253 309 (2003 est)). Area: 5055 sq km (1971 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a canton of Switzerland, bordering the French frontier: formed in 1979 from part of Bern. Capital: Delémont. Pop: 69 200 (2002 est). Area: 838 sq km (323 sq miles)
3. (Placename) an island off the W coast of Scotland, in the Inner Hebrides, separated from the mainland by the Sound of Jura. Pop: 200 (2004 est). Area: 381 sq km (147 sq miles)
4. (Placename) a mountain range in W central Europe, between the Rivers Rhine and Rhône: mostly in E France, extending into W Switzerland
5. (Placename) a range of mountains in the NE quadrant of the moon lying on the N border of the Mare Imbrium


(ˈdʒʊər ə)

1. Also called Ju′ra Moun′tains. a mountain range in W central Europe, between France and Switzerland, extending from the Rhine to the Rhone. Highest peak, Crêt de la Neige, 5654 ft. (1723 m).
2. a canton in W Switzerland. 69,188; 323 sq. mi. (837 sq. km).
References in classic literature ?
It advanced from behind the mountains of Jura, and the thunder burst at once with frightful loudness from various quarters of the heavens.
He slept for a couple of hours, and at last, waking, found his eyes resting upon one of the snow-powdered peaks of the Jura, behind which the sky was just reddening with the dawn.
After breakfast he strolled forth alone into the village and looked at the fountain, the geese, the open barn doors, the brown, bent old women, showing their hugely darned stocking-heels at the ends of their slowly-clicking sabots, and the beautiful view of snowy Alps and purple Jura at either end of the little street.
This is now a very commonly received opinion; and I cannot still avoid the suspicion that it is applicable even to such cases as that of the Jura.
I'd better burn the house down, I suppose, than let other people blow themselves up with my gunpowder," she thought as she watched the Demon of the Jura whisk away, a little black cinder with fiery eyes.
Suzanne tripped with a light foot from the rue du Cours, by the rue de la Porte de Seez and the rue du Bercail, to the rue du Cygne, where, about five years earlier, du Bousquier had bought a little house built of gray Jura stone, which is something between Breton slate and Norman granite.
The way is hard," came from the daughter, looking straight before her at the Chain of Jura covered with snow, like a white wall closing the end of the street.
When I was sixteen I was sent to Geneva to complete my course of education; and the change was a very happy one to me, for the first sight of the Alps, with the setting sun on them, as we descended the Jura, seemed to me like an entrance into heaven; and the three years of my life there were spent in a perpetual sense of exaltation, as if from a draught of delicious wine, at the presence of Nature in all her awful loveliness.
But bosses at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks told customers to go to the Jura Hotel to eat, drink and be merry - and they would pick up the tab.
Donald Darroch, Jura community council convener, said: "A distillery has been discussed but it has not formally come to the community council yet.
The newborn canton of Jura was then paying tribute to the thirst for freedom that its people shared with that of Catalonia.
This high strength seeks further detailed geotechnical investigation of Jura granitoid to determine their suitability in construction of high load structures such as dams, bridges, high ways, and railway lines.