Jura Mountains

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Ju·ra Mountains

 (jo͝or′ə, zhü-rä′)
A range extending about 240 km (150 mi) along the French-Swiss border and rising to 1,720 m (5,643 ft). The area is a popular year-round resort region.
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Enjoy a boat tour in Lake Geneva, Europe's largest fresh water surface, with the scenery of the Alps and the Mont-Blanc to one side, and Jura mountains on the other.
The Mirage was lost two days ago in the Jura mountains region of south-east France after it disappeared from radar while on a training mission.
Set in France, it's the tale of the miraculous sole survivor of an airline crash in 1980 in the Jura Mountains. One hundred and sixty eight people on board died and a three-month-old baby nicknamed "Dragonfly" by the tabloid press, survives.
What might be less well known are the more niche applications; for example, the Fischerscope XDAL 237 X-Ray Analyser can be found nestled in the secluded Jura Mountains in North West Switzerland.
Large red plastic containers hung from the bottom of the Super Puma helicopters carried the water to farms in the Jura Mountains and Alpine foothills.
Vin Jaune, made in the Jura mountains of Eastern France, is probably the only French wine capable of this longevity.
Summary: The ride will take its passengers from Montreux, through the Unesco World Heritage vineyards of Lavaux and the Jura mountains to the Bernese Alps
Moritz, and in the nearby Vaud Alps and French Jura mountains. To start the clock for the two-year countdown, Raynald Aeschlimann, president and CEO of Omega, was joined by Danka Bartekova, chair of the Olympic Coordination Commission for Lausanne 2020; Alain Zobrist, CEO of Omega Timing; Patrick Baumann, president of Lausanne 2020; and Ian Logan, CEO of Lausanne 2020.
He's in the Swiss Jura mountains to discover the secrets of a giant network of tunnels and chambers.
ATTENBOROUGH AND THE EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Thursday, BBC2, 9.30pm DAVID ATTENBOROUGH introduces viewers to the protagonists of a spectacular story - the queens and workers of an incredible ant society in the Swiss Jura mountains.
ATTENBOROUGH AND THE EMPIRE OF THE ANTS THURSDAY, BBC2, 9.30PM WINTER in the Swiss Jura Mountains. A region where it seems nothing lives in the frozen landscape.