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tr.v. jer·ry-rigged, jer·ry-rig·ging, jer·ry-rigs
To jury-rig. See Usage Note at jury-rig.

[Alteration (influenced by jerry-build) of jury-rig.]
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The mast sank, and although I tried to keep it for repairs and jury rig, the securing line snapped and it disappeared.
The same leg caused havoc to the fleet in the last edition in 2011-12, with only winners Puma escaping serious damage and eventual event victors Groupama limping home with a jury rig.
Of course there is a danger of cherry-picking the bad news and ignoring the good, but the truth is that our present crisis was the result of the perfect economic and financial storm and governments have only responded by patching together a jury rig, not the necessary full refit in calm waters.