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Adv.1.just in case - if there happens to be need; "in case of trouble call 911"; "I have money, just in case"
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Companies that virtualize their inventories can not only save costs by reducing the number of parts made just-in-case but also can produce smaller quantities cost effectively and with the same quality, in addition to minimizing lead-times because parts are produced closer to where they are needed.
A Just-in-Case Basics chapter provides basic recipes for such homemade staples as vegetable broth, slow simmered seitan, chapatis, corn tortillas, 30-minute brown rice, and more.
This is all part of our transition from just-in-case to just-in-time living.
Just-In-Case means moving freight by land, sea or air in a number of days rather than hours before it is needed on the factory floor or distribution center.
It's down to the just-in-case mentality - packing for all occasions and weather conditions," the Daily Express quoted sunshine.
Army logistics systems quickly fill requests for class IX (repair parts) supplies from the field; however, I contend that Army logisticians can change the just-in-case requisitioning mentality by anticipating units' class IX needs.
But that is not the purpose of these sprays, which are designed as a just-in-case device that can temporarily disable a surprise would-be attacker.
The basic history of the transition from just-in-case to just-in-time and an overview of the resource dependency theory are important to understand before delving into the analysis.
However, the just-in-case brigade have surpassed themselves this year by running scared of using the word Christmas itself, just-in-case it gives offence.
99) which is perfect for keeping in your bag for those just-in-case moments.
The Bionic Wrench has earned itself a spot in my kit of just-in-case tools, which is always in my truck.