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Adv.1.just in case - if there happens to be need; "in case of trouble call 911"; "I have money, just in case"
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Enter Pete, also an epitome - this time, of the just-in-case traveller, the latest in a long line of just-in-case travellers, harking back to the days when an air traffic control strike could leave a person stranded in, say, Woolamaloonga or Terra Fuego or Outer Mongolia.
People have also told me they sometimes shop with a just-in-case scenario in mind.For example, just in case guests show up.
If ED health professionals stopped and took a moment to think about the "just-in-case" PIVC, would they conclude that this practice was best for the patient?
Though she had packed her just-in-case bag and thought she was prepared to flee, Cara desperately worries about Mike and does not want to leave without him.
What started as a few essentials wind up as a stack of 'just-in-case essentials.'
Why do you think Naomi was driving Madison's "just-in-case" car?
The paradigm for library acquisitions and collection development has shifted from a subjective "just-in-case" model to an evidencebased "just-in-time" one.
Companies that virtualize their inventories can not only save costs by reducing the number of parts made just-in-case but also can produce smaller quantities cost effectively and with the same quality, in addition to minimizing lead-times because parts are produced closer to where they are needed.
(Even if that means building a nest) I will practice the 'rock and Roll.' I will stop 'Just-in-Case' peeing.
A Just-in-Case Basics chapter provides basic recipes for such homemade staples as vegetable broth, slow simmered seitan, chapatis, corn tortillas, 30-minute brown rice, and more.
Lucky then that I only packed two sets and left plenty of room for a "just-in-case jumper".