just in time

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Adv.1.just in time - at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time"
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The scope of services include in particular: - Preparation of mono-block sleepers according to the technical specifications of the Basel transporting enterprises - Storage of the mono-block sleepers with the contractor to just-in-time delivery - Just-in-time deliveries of monoblock sleepers to the client (including Unloading) No
Reliable just-in-time deliveries, more efficient packaging operations and improved shelf appeal are just three valuable benefits achieved by Belvoir Fruit Farms since it switched to Rigid Containers.
He credits in part the low scrap and minimal reject rates for drape forming and vacuum forming, plus the ability of these technologies to meet just-in-time deliveries. Turnaround time for custom plastic parts is three to four weeks, versus 10 weeks for competitors who rely on foreign-made parts.