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Adv.1.just in time - at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time"
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The 555 JetMachining Center features a footprint of 131" x 95", and is said to be ideal for short-run part production, just-in-time manufacturing, tooling and prototype part development of material sizes up to 5' x 5'.
This $1.5 million system was the first of its kind to be used for material handling at a metalcasting facility, and with the system, the firm was able to make a conscientious shift to just-in-time manufacturing.
Key words: Cell production system, Just-in-time manufacturing, RFID, Traceability, Simulation
A cell production system has been widely introduced to realize just-in-time manufacturing especially in assembly lines since 1990s in Japan.
"Primarily, I think the big trends in supply chain for my type of technology, which is a tracking technology and a messaging technology, really is in just-in-time manufacturing and in leaning out the supply chain so that we're really running almost on a consumption-based demand system."
Radebe said the major reason for transport infrastructure investment is the creation of a seamless logistics chain to meet growing demands for just-in-time manufacturing methods in synchronisation with schedules of international trading partners.
"Because of global competition, Latin American manufacturers and companies are being forced to move things quickly and really begin to adapt to a just-in-time manufacturing and distribution concept," says John Menna, vice president, marketing UPS Latin America and Caribbean.
The IRS requires businesses to capitalize reengineering costs (see TAM 9544001 on reengineering in a conversion to just-in-time manufacturing).
Not all companies have that many options -- specifically those that make time-sensitive drugs, chemicals, and parts, or that use just-in-time manufacturing as a competitive advantage.
But in addition to those fundamental building blocks of the modern materials handling system, the century has also witnessed the development of the bar code, just-in-time manufacturing, and execution software systems, to name three noteworthy developments.
Thanks to just-in-time manufacturing, they escape work on most Saturdays, even though summer is the busiest time of year for Wiremold, a proprietary maker of electrical parts and components.