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Adv.1.just in time - at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time"
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5 million system was the first of its kind to be used for material handling at a metalcasting facility, and with the system, the firm was able to make a conscientious shift to just-in-time manufacturing.
While the world at large was busy trying to understand the impact of new "wonder" cures being touted, such as lean manufacturing, agile manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing, design for assembly, etc.
In the TAM, an IRS examining agent disallowed the expenses a manufacturer had incurred to change from a batch manufacturing system to just-in-time manufacturing.
The just-in-time manufacturing technique may involve significant workforce training costs and consulting fees relating to training both management and the workforce in general.
Prior to this he held quality-related vice-presidential positions with ITT Telecom in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he headed a total quality management division of 5500 employees at six locations, implementing Just-In-Time manufacturing programs in three locations, and quality circles in two.
This webinar will demonstrate to attendees from the manufacturing and process control industries how to develop applications that provide better visibility into distributed manufacturing environments, just-in-time manufacturing and real-time analytics, as well as reduce configuration work and realize sizeable productivity gains.
96-62 could be interpreted as a retraction of the IRS's position in Letter Ruling (TAM) 9544001, in which the Service determined that the costs incurred by a manufacturer to convert from an assembly line to just-in-time manufacturing JITM) must be capitalized.