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a.1.Liable to trial in a court of justice.
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The answer may well be "This situation is too complex to be justiceable or remediable," but that is not the same as saying, "There is no problem of justice here." It is rather only to say, "Not all injustices will be addressed." And at that point, we have left behind Hayek's world in which the outcomes of a spontaneous order cannot be attributed to any decision maker who might be judged unjust and have instead entered the world described in Judith Shklar's (1990) rejoinder that what misfortunes and injustices to respond to is a matter for identifiable decision makers, who might themselves be blamed for injustice.
Duterte's threat may not be a justiceable question that could be discussed by the Supreme Court.
She had stood for justiceable fundamental rights, for a free press, and for the rule of law.
In his order, Justice Shah ruled that statement made by Prime Minister on the floor of the national assembly fell within the ambit of "political question" and was not justiceable. The judge observed that the petitioner could agitate the matter before an appropriate political forum.
The bench observed that such issues are neither justiceable nor they fall within the judicial domain for interference under Article 199 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
"Therefore, it is obvious that Alamieyeseigha has been a major player since his release from prison in ensuring that the blood that runs through the Nigerian economy artery is not cut off.aACA[yen] Okukpe said granting state pardon to the former governor would not undermine the anti-corruption crusade of the government, noting that aACoethe prerogative of mercy by definition is not a justiceable affair.aACoeEe
The efforts to make these rights to the basic necessities of life "justiceable" under international law have made progress with the acceptance of an optional protocol.
One criticism of Article 128, however, is that its terms of reference were extraordinarily vague, and that phrases like "contributing to the flowering of cultures" are not justiceable. Another is that EU cultural policies, like those of most member-states, are often contradictory in practice.