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Justicer Umer Ata Bandial maintained that many ways have been invented to conceal assets.
about them from some Justicer of the peace, with his hand and seal unto the same, how he hath been whipped and punished for a vagabond according to the laws of this Realm, and that he must return to C.
Dismissing the bid, Mr Justicer Treacy said yesterday: "I'm not prepared to let him attend a music festival where inevitably there will be temptations."
Athenian: My friends--this is what I would say to them--God, who as the old saw [proverbial saying] has it, holds in his hands beginning, end, and middle of all that is, moves through the cycle of nature straight to his end, and ever at his side walks right, the justicer [judge] of them that forsake God's law.
(186.) Ibid; Carsten Stahn, 'Complementarity, Amnesties and Alternative Forms of Justicer Some Interpretative Guidelines for the International Criminal Court' (2005) 3 Journal of International Criminal Justice 695,707.
However, much of the excitement of The Spanish Tragedy resides in its radical overturning of these initial expectations: in a play with almost as many avengers as main characters, it is the Justicer of the Realm that proves the wildest of them all.
the roles of just judge and severe justicer instead of chief and only
The Act simply sets out an oath (a 'corporal oath', ie, a serious one, to be taken while touching the New Testament) to be taken by archbishops, bishops 'and every other ecclesiastical person' and every 'judge, justicer, mayor and other lay or temporal officer and minister', which simply describes the Queen as 'the only Supreme Governor of this all spiritual or ecclesiastical things or causes (ie, cases) as temporal.' Not Head of the Church; that is left to Jesus.
Lear calls Edgar `learned justicer' (21), although he is pretending to be a mad man, and calls the Fool 'sapient sir' (22), although the Fool is, if only in name, a fool.
Perhaps the mos surprising thing about the current Justicer Department's collaboration with rural Alabama's white power structure is how obvious it was.