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A city of north-central China south-southwest of Beijing on the Yellow River. It was an important dynastic capital.


(Placename) a city in E China, in N Henan on the Yellow River: one of the oldest cities in China and its capital (as Pien-liang) from 907 to 1126. Pop: 810 000 (2005 est)



a city in NE Henan province, in E China: a former provincial capital. 507,763.
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10) These additional annotations contain Chin-dynasty reign-names as well as several references to the "move of the year hsin-mao" ([UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]), which the editors of the Ssu-k'u ch'uan-shu identify with the Mongols' conquest of Feng-hsiang [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] in 1231 and the subsequent flight of the inhabitants of the former capital district to the area around modern K'ai-feng, Honan.
Tzu-mei [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] is the style of Su Shun-ch'in [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (1008-48), the well-known poet and scholar-official, resident of K'ai-feng and, later, of Suchow.