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Noun1.K.E. - the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its motion
mechanical energy - energy in a mechanical form
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Applicant Abdul Sattar told the Court that he is also upset for excessive billing by KE upon which K.E. representative produced four years report of his meter reading which shows the power theft, the Court warned the applicant and ordered to issue him the bill per meter reading of June to August giving him benefit of the doubt.
KARACHI -- Adviser to Federal Ombudsman Mohammad Yameen heard complaints against excessive billing by K-Electric (K.E.) at Deputy Commissioner Malir's Camp Office.
The adviser expressed, "K.E. is still not avoiding sending excessive bills to the poor", as the Ombudsman office continue to receive dozens of applications against the power utility from consumers, said a handout issued here on Thursday.
The 29-year-old Filipino man, K.E., agreed to have sex with the Emirati men, 21-year-old M.S.
The Emiratis picked up K.E. and took him to a villa where they had paid sex before M.E.
The victim, Zeynep E (80), was brought to the park in a wheelchair by her son K.E. (49) for some fresh air.
K.E. reportedly told the police that when he returned from the market, he saw his wife, who was living apart from them, leaving the side of his mother.
Jean Sousa, an American lawyer living in Piedmont, an upscale gay-friendly Northern California community next door to Oakland, is caught between her West Indian heritage and her insistence on her own path in K.E. Silva's spare, elegant debut novel, A Simple Distance.
The 29-year-old Filipino man, K.E., who, according to records, is a cook, was said to have agreed to have sex with the Emirati men, 21-year-old M.S.