ski jumping

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ski jump

1. A jump or leap made by a skier, especially one in which the skier is judged on both form and the distance jumped.
2. A course or chute prepared for such a jump, especially one that ends in a platform used for takeoff.
intr.v. ski jumped, ski jump·ing, ski jumps
To execute a ski jump.

ski jumper n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: jumping - the act of performing a jump on skis from a high ramp overhanging a snow covered slopeski jumping - the act of performing a jump on skis from a high ramp overhanging a snow covered slope
skiing - a sport in which participants must travel on skis
قَفْز التَّزَلُّج
skákání na lyžích
saut à ski
kayak atlama


(skiː) noun
one of a pair of long narrow strips of wood etc that are attached to the feet for gliding over snow, water etc.
verbpresent participle ˈskiing ; past tense, past participle skied (skiːd)
to travel on or use skis especially as a leisure activity. He broke his leg when he was skiing.
of or for the activity of skiing. ski-suits; ski-jump.
ˈskier noun
The slope was crowded with skiers.
ˈskiing noun
Skiing is her favourite sport; (also adjective) a skiing holiday.
ˈski jump noun
1. a competition between skiers to see who will jump furthest off a steep slope.
2. a steep snow-covered slope before a sharp drop, to help skiers leap into the air.
ˈski jumper noun
ˈski jumping noun
ˈski lift noun
a cable system with chairs for carrying skiers up a slope.
ˈski pole noun
one of the two poles that skiers hold in their hands and use while skiing.
ˈski resort noun
a place that has the facilities for skiing, where people go to ski especially on holidays.
ˈski slope noun
a snowy slope where people can ski.
ˈski run noun
a slope or a track for skiing.
ˈski track/trail noun
a ski run; a path taken by skiers.
ˈski tow noun
a ski lift; a cable system for pulling skiers up a slope.
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