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or U·bun·tu (o͝o-bo͞on′to͞o)
A philosophical doctrine or approach to life that emphasizes social unity and generosity of spirit.

[Zulu : ubu-, abstract n. pref. + -ntu, person, human.]


South African humanity or fellow feeling; kindness
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The geo-referenced fatal pedestrian accident points were analyzed using KDE method which is a spatial analysis tool.
We estimated the percentage of habitat types within each feral hog's 95% KDE and 50% KDE using habitat coverage provided from the National Gap Analysis Program (U.S.
For IGK-Kde rearrangements, a reverse Kde primer was used in combination with one of six VK family-specific primers or with RSS primer located at the JK-CK intron (17).
The purpose of the Medicare KDE program is to improve care for patients with severe CKD by providing education services that will help them manage their health problems, prevent additional complications, delay disease progression, and improve their understanding of different treatment options for renal replacement (U.S.
First, KDE identify the hotspots of air pollution and asthma incidence based on the monitored/survey data.
Since the kernel function and window width selection of KDE can greatly affect the accuracy.
Krome jednotlivych vysokych skol, kde se mezinarodni vztahy vyucuji, zarazuje Smolik do sveho prehledu i vyzkumna pracoviste, jako je Ustav mezinarodnich vztahu.
Commissioner Holliday said when the merger takes place following authorizing legislation during the 2012 General Assembly session, GTE would be restored to at least division status within KDE. He issued a challenge.
The company president and chief executive officer, John McCluskey, said, 'If we consider the findings of the KDE Report and our internal estimates of the grade of the Escondida high-grade ore, then gold production from the mill could be two or three times greater than what the KDE Report has forecast.
According to the company, unlike traditional PC X server sessions that allow a Windows PC to log into a remote Linux or Unix host and display a Gnome, KDE or CDE desktop, LIVE Console sessions are started from the Linux/Unix machine.