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n. pl.1.Kine; cows.
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2 per cent of the opening loans balance implying that the colossal amount of outstanding loans are not performing as expected," Mr Ouko said in a qualified audit opinion of the books of KIE tabled in Parliament by the Leader of Majority Aden Duale.
They know from now that due to the school timetable changes, employees of morning sate schools will be out of work for the 2015-2016 period thus it is expected that they will turn to the KIE," the KIE teachers' association said.
KIE Square's KM solutions also help insurance companies compare their sales and customer retention performance against industry averages--with the ability to crunch data on a regional basis.
The KIE instructional framework, called Scaffolded knowledge Integration, goes beyond outmoded models of the learner as either passively absorbing knowledge or actively pressing buttons.
It could also be available via Samsung Kies PC suite installed on a computer and will require a USB cable for the upgrade to occur.
What is very commonly done is companies will buy insurance so that upon the death of one of the major owners, there are proceeds available to buy out that person's ownership interests, so they don't end up being partners with someone they don't want as partners" Kies says.
Ricchetti agreed with Kies that the two parties have "taken irreconcilable political positions.
6 is not enough of a reason to do a rebalancing of your portfolio," Kies says, before suggesting that it is enough of a reason for small businesses to stop hiring workers.
Just west of Kies is a volcanic dome with a small pit on its summit.
Real estate investment manager, Ascent Real Estate Advisors, has hired Adam Kies to help lead their further penetration into the middle market bridge and mezzanine lending market.
1, 2005 issue, Bill Kies of Chicago-based Kies Consulting, LLC, was misquoted due to an editing error.
Like Biller, Kies appreciates the satellite communications, which he says acts as "a security blanket.