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or Ka•'bah or Ka'a•bah

(ˈkɑ bə, ˈkɑ ə bə)

a small cubical building in the courtyard of the central mosque in Mecca, containing a sacred black stone: the chief object of Muslim pilgrimages.
[1730–40; < Arabic ka‘bah]
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"Through the forest of columns, I could dimly see the great gravel-strewn quadrangle, over four and a half acres in extent; and in its midst, covered by a black cloth which made it hardly defined in the darkness, stood the Bayt Allah, the House of God -- the Ka'ba," wrote Rutter.
I have made my seven circuits around the Ka'ba, led by a young Mutawaf named Muhammad.
The collection in this section includes surgical instruments, scales, sand clocks, astrolabes and compasses to determine Ka'ba direction to help Muslims pray.
They reject and excommunicate (takfir) the believers in Allah, the Quran, and the Ka'ba. When "compassionate among themselves" is abandoned, internal wars may arise.
The MIA is also organising evenings of engaging drop-in family activities, including a Ramadan Treasure Trail, Card and Bookmark making, Cut Out Ka'ba, Prayer mat paper weaving and lantern making.
(42) Moreover, the place of performance is specified--the area between the corner of the Ka'ba (rukn) and the nearby Station of Abraham (maqam) in Mecca, the pulpit (minbar) of the main mosque in Medina, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and venerated places in other cities.
Fatima - daughter of Prophet Mohammad - was born in the year in which the Holy Ka'ba was being rebuilt, only five years before the beginning of the Prophet's mission.
THEY were circumambulating the Ka'ba, when Ka'ab bin Ujrah asked Abdul Rahman ibn Abi Lailah: 'Shall I not give you a precious gift?' A gift in the middle of that act of intense devotion?
However, since it is considered a great honor to clean the Great Mosque of Mecca, including Ka'ba, and the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, in which Prophet Muhammad's tomb is located, feraset of those places were granted only to Ottoman sultans and their family members, governors, and other notables with a special berat.
Due to this, the space for tawaf around the holy Ka'ba in the courtyard has resumed to normal operations.