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n. pl. Kabyle or Ka·byles
1. A member of a Berber people of northeast Algeria.
2. The Berber language of this people.

[Arabic qabā'ilu, pl. of qabīla, tribe, from qabila, to receive; see qbl in Semitic roots.]
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npl -byles or -byle
1. (Peoples) a member of a Berber people inhabiting the E Atlas Mountains in Tunisia and Algeria
2. (Languages) the dialect of Berber spoken by this people
[C19: from Arabic qabā'il, plural of qabīlah tribe]
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L e Maroc a appele les Nations Unies et ses differentes instances a inserer la protection et la promotion des droits du peuple Kabyle dans leurs agendas respectifs et ce, conformement a la Charte des Nations Unies et aux instruments et declarations onusiennes pertinents.
Pacification gives a nearly week-by-week account of how Galula implemented his theories in a tiny, mountainous area of Algeria's Kabyle region.
Aged 63, Ouyahia is a native of Tizi Ouzou in Algeria's Berber community of the Kabyle region.
Anthropologist and historian Makilam is an indigenous Kabyle raised in a Berber village in northern Algeria.
Songs, poems, folktales, and other Berber literary efforts have been published in languages such as Kabyle and Tuareg (Tamashek); they are usually also available in French translation.
2 This is not entirely fanciful: the anthropological record is full of house posts with special names and ancestral associations: see for example Pierre Bourdieu chapter The Kabyle House in his book Algeria 1960, or Stephen Hugh-Jones's chapter on the Tukanoan longhouse in About the House edited by Hugh-Jones and Janet Carsten, Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 1995 (my review AR March 1996, pp96-97).
Dae1/4aoailleurs, exception faite du but inscrit dUuA s la 2ae1/4ao par lae1/4aoattaquant belabUuA ssien, Hamza Belahouel dont le tir ne laissa aucune chance au portier kabyle Asselah, le nombreux public, qui a pris dae1/4aoassaut des les premiUuA res heures de la matinUu[c]e les gradins du temple olympique, nae1/4aoa rien eu Uu se mettre sous la dent.
Le diplomate marocain a ainsi attire l'attention de la communaute international sur la repression implacable que subit le peuple kabyle, prive de son droit a l'autodetermination ou a l'autonomie, et auquel l'Algerie a toujours refuse le droit de reconnaissance de son amazighite et donc de son identite culturelle et linguistique.
Now an anthropologist and historian in Germany, Makilam is also an initiate in the local traditions of pottery-making and its esoteric writing system of her native Kabyle people, Berber-speaking people of Algeria.
Kabyle novelist and teacher whose works give vivid and warm portraits of Berber life and values.